Snip is on Wired Italy!

Check out our latest feature in’s Italian blog:


Week 2: doubles Week 1… this means we’re going to make improvements

In week 1 of beta, we were excited that we had received just more than 10,000 page views in 7 days.

Today, one week later, we are proud to announce that the site has recieved over 20,000 page views in the last 7 days!!!


Google image result for "20,000 people"

Google image result for "20,000 people"

There have been an average of 500-1,000 video snips created daily this week, with some of those snips driving in quite a few pageviews.. and they keep growing, so we’re excited about that!!! We love snipping and when others can share the joy of doing the same. Life’s about sharing the good parts really!

Also, we are pleased to announce that we are currently rallying funding together to improve every area of the site, primarily to expand the capabilities of Snip and enhance the ease-of-usability for you!

We’d also like to thank all of our new Twitter followers of  @snipsnipit

Until next week!

Snip out! hits 10,000 page visits in the first week of Beta!

We are pleased to announce a well-recieved beta launch with over 10,000 hits (with approximately 7,000 unique users)  in our first week, thanks in large part to the recent LifeHacker post about our service. There have also been over 500 Twitter updates about SnipSnip in the last week.

Note: We have been made aware of some kinks from iPad users and some other great feedback to improve the service. We’d like to thank all of the snippers out there for using SnipSnip!

Here’s the geographical spread from our stat counter:

SnipSnip Global Page views

SnipSnip Global Page views

This Week’s SnipSnip Articles from around the Globe

We have been getting some really great feedback from our SnipSnip users & some blogs around the net. Here are the some posts that we found from this week (1/3 – 1/7/2010)










So, who uses SnipSnip exactly? (Global View)

Recently, we were checking the page view stats for SnipSnip, and we noticed that many of the views were coming from different corners of the world, thanks to some blog posts around the world, which were triggered from this article on The Next Web. Thanks, Next Web! And special thanks to writer Brodie Beta (aka @iPhonegirl)  who wrote the story!

SnipSnip Hits

SnipSnip Page Views

We’re live

This is SnipSnip’s first post! is now in public beta. Go on, crop Youtube videos and share the snips with your friends.

You can check back here for SnipSnip updates.